Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Baking spree...miss u!

when kiddos outing....

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ramadan kareem...Al Ain Abu Dhabi Fruit Cocktail.

Almost  a year my blog  has untouched.  We are now safely landing at  new place...a desert place...unexpected place....almost  8000miles  from our hometown....Al Ain ...160km from Abu Dhabi.

Well...new place..new rules..gosh!...shhhh!!!


 1 tin of fruit cocktail
1 tin evaporated milk
2 tin of plain water
3 tbsp custard powder
1 cup of sugar
Vanilla essence
Some salt

Mix all the ingredients Except fruit cocktail and stir custard slowly until it comes into thick consistency ....remove and cool.
Pour fruit cocktail and ice cube and ready for serve.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bye-bye teachers....from hana kg 2C

 photo 1bc67404-e8be-4299-9f99-cacb6987091d_zps16221d01.jpg
A gift from teacher and friends


  photo 20140629_182817_zps37acb3af.jpg

Bye bye, makan - makan, and main - main Party- Part 3

A part of menu....


 photo 43de4ee5-28b5-4e68-b398-d3c2ae811a64_zps1c07c505.jpg

 photo 56a752dd-0492-4ea3-8f8f-aa0a2bccf7f2_zps46a19d28.jpg

 photo 57903e18-d2bf-43af-b5fa-b476c177eac9_zpsf47d4d9f.jpg

 photo 20140621_114443_zps214fc9fa.jpg


Bye bye, makan-makan and main-main party- Part 2

hubby and Dr Arif
bouncer again..Hana,eimaan and friends

Amina, bara'a and Hiba

Lizzie and Freddie

amina,samar and hiba

eimaan and chloe

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bye bye makan-makan and main-main: Part One

bouncers...pink and purple
 Tully, wife of Dr Arif....
 hana and friend...lizzie, our neighbor the Rickys

 achiq; chloe and ashley of the Lams
 Mr. Ricky...our next door neighbor....

enjoying the food....yummy...makan time...